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Journal paper on GeoHyTE

23 March, 2024

A journal article presenting GeoHyTE’s beta version 1.3 was published by Algorithms.

GeoHyTE is a computational toolbox for the automatic interpretation of bender element experiments and its development falls under Task 1 of Project INTENT.

Besides presenting GeoHyTE’s workflow and interfaces, the paper features a full-fledge validation of the methodology supporting GeoHyTE and assesses its performance as compared to a wide range of alternative time and frequency domain interpretation techniques for bender element tests ( spoiler: it works  ). Moreover, the paper assesses the robustness of GeoHyTE’s results to imperfect first guesses of the shear modulus and to coarse refinements of the finite element model.

As we put it in the article, “We believe that this paper will enable GeoHyTE to become a mainstream signal interpretation technique for bender element sensors”. Or at least we hope so...

The paper is published in Open Access so feel free to download and read it.